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As an artist diagnosed on the autistic spectrum, art is my primary way to express myself and the way I experience life.

To me, Colors, paint, and brushes are the keys to share my feelings and give others access to my inner world. 

 My work process always faces me with one of the things that have always been extremely difficult for me: making choices.

For me, making choices is accompanied with great difficulty and anxiety. But when I paint, making choices becomes easier.

The first choice I must make is the subject of the painting. It must be something that I genuinely love, feel connected to or something that has deeply impressed me and remained in my memory. I usually draw inspiration from favorite film characters and other artists' works, paint them from my mind, and create my interpretation.

The second choice in my work process is choosing the color palette, a decision expressing my state of mind.

After I paint the first layer of the painting, I paint all the details in my signature' dots and stripes' technique.

Most of my works are composed of dots (influenced by "Pointillism") and stripes, which requires a lot of precision and patience, but also make me feel safe, calm, and in control.

For me, art is the main way I manage to feel as equal, be proud of myself, and share my inner world, a world rich of bright colors, images and endless details.

My Inspiration

Omer Udvin Artist

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