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Omer Udvin is a young Israeli artist (born 1999) diagnosed on the autistic spectrum.

For him, painting is a meaningful window to the world, allowing him to express himself in ways he is ordinarily unable to do. The art is the twist in Omer's endless journey of coping with autism.

As a young boy, Omer objected even to holding a pen in his hand.

Suddenly at the age of 8, he began to secretly draw just for him to see. Only when he felt more confident with himself, he started sharing them with his immediate family.

His extraordinary drawing abilities were discovered only at the age of 17, and since then, despite his young age, he has developed a unique artistic style of his own and a personal artistic imprint.

His paintings are characterized by their abstraction, daring bold color pallets, and a naive-optimistic perception and view of our world.

Omer's artistic work is influenced by the expressionist modern artists such as Amedeo Modigliani, Egon Schiele, Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh and more... Correspondingly, Omer is inspired by his great fondness for old cartoons and animation.

Omer works with various techniques, mainly acrylic paints on canvas, watercolors and mixed media using fabrics.

Despite his young age, Omer has already exhibited his painting in many exhibitions, among others: at "Chabba" Art gallery in Herzlia-2017,at the International Exhibition for Naïve Art in Haifa 2018, at the Israeli Art Exhibition- 2018 of Bank Hapoalim, a two-artist exhibition at Lemon- Frame Gallery- 2018, a well-known gallery in Tel Aviv with a great success and full spread recognition, an exhibition at the President's Residence held on International Autism Day 2019, at the SWISS ART-EXPO 2019 in Zurich as part of the ARTBOX GALLERY PROJECT.

Omer's artworks are regularly showcased at the Lemon - Frame Gallery and are sold in Israel and around the world.

Omer Udvin Artist

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